Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Night of Gratitude

One special night every year, we here at Camp Good Days take the time to honor our wonderful volunteers at the Night of Gratitude event.  This year, on April 13th, 40 volunteers were honored during the ceremony—twenty-seven were awarded with the Teddi Award, which is presented to those who have gone above and beyond, throughout the past year, in fulfillment of the mission of Camp Good Days, and thirteen were inducted into the Ring of Honor, which is the highest honor you can receive with our organization.  These inductees have shown continued and outstanding support, dedication, and commitment to the mission of Camp Good Days.  They will also have bricks with their name created, to be placed in the Ring of Honor down at our facility on Keuka Lake.
Our volunteers are the backbone of Camp Good Days, and every year we have hundreds who help with our summer camp programs, our year-round activities, and events. 
This year, the event was made even more special when I recognized our employees who have been staff members for over 10 years. I was very happy to honor five of our staff members, who do so much to continue the mission of Camp Good Days, and help the children and families we serve.  Camp Good Days would not be able to run smoothly without them! The staff members who were honored were:

Lisa Booz, 13 years, who is the Director of the WNY Regional Office
Tamara Federico, 26 years, who is in charge of the Women’s Oncology programs, Rochester’s Junior Good Days, and is the Assistant Finance Manager
James R. McCauley Jr., 13 years, who is the PAVE Coordinator, and is in charge of the Men’s Prostate Retreat
Karl Rudolfs, 18 years, who is the IT Director, and helps run the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
Mark Serrett, 11 years, who is the Director of Maintenance down at our camping recreational facility

Around this time, everyone in our offices are switching into summer mode, and getting ready for our camping programs down on Keuka Lake.  This is such an exciting time of year, and we look forward to seeing everyone down at camp. 
I hope that everyone has a wonderful, safe, and happy spring.